Finland ranked first in the World Happiness Report from Gallup for three consecutive years.

The Finnish people are surprised by the title `happiest country in the world`.

Above is the Market Square, near the Gulf of Finland in the capital city of Helsinki.

Theresa Christine, a travel writer from Los Angeles, USA decided to go to Finland and chat with local people to answer the question: What is it like to live in the happiest country in the world?

Parents here want their children to receive an excellent education, encouraging students to work hard.

In 2016, Finland had the highest literacy rate in the world.

Life in the happiest place in the world

Oodi Helsinki Central Library is known as a book paradise in Finland.

Coming to the happiest country in the world, tourists do not need to worry too much if they do not know Finnish.

Besides, this is a safe country and a good place to raise a family, according to Jonathan.

Of course, no place is absolutely safe.

Besides, the issue of comprehensive health care for people is always given importance.

For a balanced life, Finns love to explore the outdoors, with 40 national parks to the islands of the Baltic Sea, to the northernmost region of Lapland.

Another interesting thing, this is a winter wonderland.

Life in the happiest place in the world

Lapland remains a popular destination during the winter months.

People love saunas very much.

Finns value honesty.

And the last thing Christine loves about this country is the delicious cuisine.