(Dan Tri) – President Donald Trump said that White House security adviser John Bolton, the official recently fired by the US leader, is a `disaster` in terms of policy with North Korea.

Mr. Trump called the fired security adviser a `disaster`

President Donald Trump and National Security Advisor John Bolton (Photo: Reuters)

Speaking to reporters at the White House on September 11, President Donald Trump said that National Security Advisor John Bolton made a number of mistakes while in office, including insulting North Korean leader Kim

“He made some very big mistakes.

“When he talked about the Libya model with Kim Jong-un, it was not a good statement.

National Security Advisor John Bolton’s statement once made leader Kim Jong-un angry.

North Korea has repeatedly criticized Mr. Bolton’s tough policies.

In addition to the North Korea issue, President Trump said he also `disagrees with John Bolton’s stance on Venezuela.`

While in office, John Bolton publicly supported regime change in Venezuela, and said that the US should form a coalition to transfer power from the government of President Nicolas Maduro to opposition leader Juan Guaido.

President Trump said John Bolton, with his tough approach, `does not get along with many people in the administration` that Mr. Trump considers `very important.`

“John does not agree with what we are doing,” Mr. Trump said.

Since joining the Trump administration in early 2018, Mr. Bolton has always been skeptical about the president’s approach to North Korea.

However, President Trump affirmed that his relationship with his security advisor is still good.

“John has a reputation as a tough guy.

Also according to the US leader, he is considering five qualified candidates to take on the duties of a national security advisor to replace John Bolton.


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