Shanghai is the intersection of traditional Chinese culture and modernity from the West.

Most populous China

According to the latest Worldometer data, Shanghai’s population is estimated at 22.3 million people.

Prime location

The city’s name is a combination of two Chinese characters.

Shanghai is located on the confluence of the Huangpu River, Yangtze River and the sea.

Became urban since the 19th century

Shanghai was initially a small fishing village, became a town in 1074, and became a county seat in 1272. During the Qing Dynasty, it was an important port in the 18th century.

The old town still exists

Shanghai Old Town was originally located within a circular city wall surrounding it.

Little known things about China's most populous city

The Old Town creates an ancient impression among modern buildings in Shanghai.

Architectural diversity on the Bund

At the beginning of the 20th century, the city boomed with international trade.

Walking Street

One of the things that makes this port city one of the best places to live is that it has a lot of pedestrian-only areas.

Typical housing area

The public housing area in Shanghai is nicknamed Longtang or Lilong.

Little known things about China's most populous city

The Shikumen in Shanghai are preserved to this day.

The world’s 2nd largest subway system

Shanghai has been building its subway system for 30 years.

Today, the subway system here includes 16 train lines with a total length of more than 670 km.