Sea worms, ginseng birds, bird’s nests… are `awesome seafood` dishes that people offered to kings and lords in the past.

1. Worm Worm, the magic medicine of men

Sea worms, sea worms or sand worms are unique specialties of the sea, especially in Nha Trang, Quang Ninh… Because they have many uses such as nourishing the kidneys, enhancing erectile function, and enhancing men’s bravery, sea worms

However, few people know that this is also a dish offered to kings in the past.

2. Dong Tao Chicken

Beautiful chickens usually cost between 5-10 million VND.

Legend has it that in the past, people in Khoai Chau (Hung Yen) often used Dong Tao chicken for offerings, festivals, or to present to the king because of its special delicious taste.

The chicken meat is sweet with a lot of breast meat, red and pink, the thighs have many muscular bundles, no tendons, not tough, very delicious.

3. Fish Anh Vu

Anh Vu’s meat is white and more delicious than any other fish.

In the Anh Vu fish, the most delicious part is the lip cartilage, which is very crunchy.

You can find Anh Vu fish dish in some restaurants in Viet Tri city (Phu Tho).

4. Ginseng

Sam holds a dish that is classified as a delicacy.

The king's delicious seafood dishes

Nowadays, the ginseng bird species is being hunted a lot.

Many documents record that ginseng is a product in the West Lake area, Hanoi since the year of Tu Duc.

Due to heavy exploitation, the number of ginseng birds today is very rare, priced at nearly 2 million VND per kg.

5. Pipefish

Pipefish meat is very delicious and is a source of lots of protein, low in fat… so it is loved by many gourmets.

This fish lives in swirling, brackish water and looks like a red tilapia.

6. Bird’s nest

The king's delicious seafood dishes

Bird’s nest is sold for about 4.5 million VND/100g.

Bird’s nest is the bird’s nest, made entirely from the bird’s saliva.

Bird’s nest can be processed into many famous delicious dishes such as bird’s nest juice, bird’s nest blood, bird’s nest soup, bird’s nest soup.

Mr. Phuong