(Dan Tri) – The Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff regularly participates in dialogues with President Donald Trump to inform the White House boss of military options aimed at Syria.

General Joseph Dunford (Photo: Reuters)

“We are engaged in a dialogue, a regular dialogue, with the president to make sure he knows where we are in the planning process (for Syria) if chemical weapons

Concerns about a chemical attack in Syria have increased recently as the Syrian government is focusing its forces on liberating Idlib province, the last stronghold of rebels in Syria.

However, the US and its allies have repeatedly affirmed that there is no intelligence indicating that the opposition to the Syrian government has the ability to use chemical weapons or is plotting to cause a chemical attack.

This week, a senior US official said “there is abundant evidence” that chemical weapons are being prepared by Syrian government forces in Idlib.

General Dunford did not reveal what he expected President Trump to do in case of another chemical attack in Syria.

When asked if there was any chance of stopping an attack on Idlib, General Dunford said he was not sure if there was any way to do that.

“It is truly disappointing but perhaps not surprising that Russia, Türkiye and Iran were all unable to come up with a solution at yesterday’s meeting,” Mr Dunford said.

The presidents of Russia, Türkiye and Iran met this week in Tehran to discuss measures to eliminate terrorism from Idlib.

General Dunford warned of the risk of a humanitarian disaster in Idlib.

“There is still a more effective way to fight terrorism, instead of conducting conventional offensive operations in Idlib,” Mr. Dunford said.


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