Passenger deaths on airplanes are very rare, because people with serious illnesses are often banned from flying.

A person who specializes in training British Airways flight attendants said that handling a dead body on a plane is a `gray area` (a term for problems that do not have a clear solution because there are no rules or are difficult).

Many airlines will try to have the dead person sit in a sleeping position, so as not to cause confusion for other passengers.

`Flight attendants cannot leave dead passengers in the toilet. That’s disrespectful to the deceased. Also, if you put them in there and the body falls to the floor, the plane’s toilet will get stuck.`

The trainer also said she once knew a flight attendant who sat next to the dead body for the rest of the flight.

Flight attendants can also cover the victim with a neck-high blanket.

In 2006, a man died on BA flight 213, departing from Boston, USA.

The deceased was then wrapped tightly in a blanket, but his head remained exposed.

In case there are no empty seats in the first class cabin, the deceased can be placed in the aisle.

A person named Ana Ansari once revealed on Quora, the world’s largest question and answer network: `A woman sitting two rows behind me died. It was an 11-hour flight, from Frankfurt (Germany).

Large aircraft often have a dedicated corpse locker that is locked and discreetly placed next to one of the emergency exits.

Mr. Minh