The Hanoi Department of Transport is consulting scientists and experts on the Project `Strengthening the management of personal transport to reduce traffic congestion in the city`.

According to this project, the roadmap to limit motorbikes in the capital is divided into 3 phases.

Phase 2 from 2023 will stop operations for out-of-province motorbikes in belt 2, and expand restrictions to old streets (Tran Hung Dao, Ly Thuong Kiet…).

Phase 3 until 2025 will ban motorbikes in some locations in belt 3.

Private cars will be limited to hourly operations on some routes and areas.

Hanoi currently has more than 5 million motorbikes  and more than 500,000 cars of all kinds.

Along with restricting personal vehicles, Hanoi city will arrange transit points, parking spots and public vehicles to provide maximum support for people to have the best access to the public passenger transport system.

The Department of Transport sets a roadmap to develop public passenger transport by 2020, investing in 500-550 new buses per year (including mini buses).

By 2020, the BRT bus network will have 3 routes: Kim Ma – Le Van Luong – Yen Nghia, 14km long;

The urban railway will complete 5 lines, including line 1 Ngoc Hoi – Yen Vien;

Proposal to limit cars by hour and ban out-of-province motorbikes in Hanoi

If there are no measures to reduce cars and motorbikes, in the near future, vehicles in Hanoi will not be able to move on the road.

Currently, Hanoi has more than 5 million motorbikes (up 7.6% per year) and more than 500,000 cars of all kinds (up 12.9% per year), over 1 million bicycles, more than 10,000 electric bicycles, not to mention the number of

With the natural growth rate of cars and motorbikes without measures to reduce, by 2020 Hanoi will have 938,000 cars and more than 6.2 million motorbikes;

The project `Strengthening the management of personal transport to reduce traffic congestion in Hanoi city` drafted by the Hanoi Department of Transport and the Institute of Transport Development Strategy (Ministry of Transport), is being drafted.

The project is expected to be presented to the City People’s Council at the year-end People’s Council meeting.