Mad Max: Fury Road is a big-budget 3D action film directed by George Miller.

In the chapter on post-apocalyptic fiction in The Science Fiction Handbook, authors M. Keith Booker and Anne-Marie Thomas define post-apocalyptic literary and cinematic fiction as a subgenre of the genre.

Since its debut in 1979, Mad Max has been recognized by critics as a classic series of this genre of cinema.

Vietnamese poster of the movie `Mad Max`.

The new film is set in a time when human civilization has collapsed, people have become inhumane and crazy in battles for life and basic necessities such as water and gasoline.

Standing in the middle of the arms race and fierce resistance, Max (Tom Hardy) – a wanderer after the tragic death of his wife and children – must fight to avoid being enslaved.

'Mad Max' - the pinnacle of the post-apocalyptic film genre

Tom Hardy plays `Mad Max` in the movie of the same name.

From beginning to end, the work makes viewers overwhelmed and scared in a world of death and darkness.

At the age of 70, Australian director and screenwriter – George Miller – shows the bravery of a master when creating a tightly scripted and dramatic screen story.

Actor Tom Hardy plays the role of a brave warrior with a friendly face and gaze, making it easy for viewers to sympathize with the fate of being enslaved.

Most impressive is Charlize Theron’s performance as the heroine Furiosa.

'Mad Max' - the pinnacle of the post-apocalyptic film genre

`Mad Max` is a post-apocalyptic screen work that is highly appreciated by experts.

If the main storyline about the two big characters makes the film extreme and violent, the work is `cooled` by the storyline of the supporting characters with diverse personalities.

Mad Max: Fury Road had an impressive opening at the Cannes Film Festival.

After Cannes, the work will premiere in its native North America, more than 160 countries and territories globally, as well as in Vietnamese theaters from May 15.

'Mad Max' - the pinnacle of the post-apocalyptic film genre

Movie trailer `Mad Max: Fury Road`