Nowadays, the aging of the environment is happening rapidly, the global climate is increasing slowly but steadily every day.

1. Love animals

Ecosystems include plants and animals.

Planting fruit trees with your child is the most effective way to teach your child to love nature.

2. Plant trees

Instead of going to an amusement park, the zoo, or visiting relatives on the weekend, you can teach your children about the importance of a plant or two.

3. Enroll your child in a nature class in the summer

Think about what you should do to help your child have a useful summer?

4. Advise children not to use things that are harmful to the environment

You must model the messages you give your children by not using leather, fur, plastic bags… At the same time, tell your children how these things destroy the environment.

5. Help children understand the meaning of saving natural resources

Natural resources such as electricity, gasoline, diesel, water… should be used sparingly.

6. Use public transportation

No matter how rich you are, remember that the earth we live on is not endless.