Doan Van Hau (right) still wants to stay in the Netherlands, despite his unsatisfactory start with Heerenveen.

– On April 19, you turned 21. How was your birthday this year?

– This is a special birthday because I am far from home, without parents, without friends or even any compatriots.

– Covid-19 causes football to `freeze`.

– I can’t reveal the specifics yet, but my thoughts are this: getting to Heerenveen is not easy, and instead of wasting time paying attention to other things, I always try my best to practice to keep it.

I just played four minutes for the Heerenveen first team.

Back in Vietnam, people often complimented me on my tall physique, long strides and good speed.

Doan Van Hau: 'I like being a hunter'

Van Hau’s favorite shoes have his name embroidered as well as the words Dream  Chaser.

– How is your relationship with your teammates and the team?

– Cultural assimilation is important so as not to be looked down upon by European teammates.

Here, they are quite subtle.

– But, mainly you still only play for the Heerenveen youth team?

– I know many people mention that as a criticism.

I haven’t played much yet, but Heerenveen also gave me many lessons and helped me grow.

Doan Van Hau: 'I like being a hunter'

Van Hau scored twice

Van Hau scored two goals in the 2019 SEA Games final.

– After what he won with Hanoi and the Vietnamese teams, if he stays in his hometown, he will have a smooth life and career.

– If I keep living in the `safe zone`, how can I have new experiences?

When I was 10 years old, I played for the U11 National Team and was selected for the Youth Training Center located in Thai Binh city.

Looking back later, I see that since I was little, I’ve dared to dream big (laughs).

That’s what I carry everywhere, not the Asian U23 silver medal, the AFF Cup championship medal or the SEA Games gold medal.