Since early May, New York City has recorded more than 100 pediatric patients with a rare syndrome related to Covid-19, of which three have died.

Other states in the US including Louisiana, Mississippi and California also reported similar cases.

The new study was published May 13 in the Lancet Medical Journal.

They pointed out that from January 2015 to mid-February this year, about 19 children with this syndrome were treated at the pediatric department of Papa Giovanni XXIII Hospital, Bergamo province.

Doctor at the intensive care unit (ICU) at Papa Giovanni XXIII Hospital, Italy.

However, the study’s authors also noted that the number of patients is currently small, suggesting that the new syndrome is not too common in children.

None of the 10 children died, but their symptoms were more severe than those of children with previous Kawasaki disease.

The children had lower levels of platelets and white blood cells, typical symptoms in Covid-19 patients and required steroid treatment.

Typically, infants and preschoolers (from 1 to 5 years old) are susceptible to Kawasaki syndrome.

8 out of 10 children were diagnosed positive after doing an antibody test.

nCoV mainly causes lung damage, leading to respiratory failure.

Pediatrician Dr. Katie Schafer, president of a private practice in Birmingham, Michigan, said there are still many unknowns about this condition.