Famous Japanese psychiatrist Hideki Wada is the one who introduced the concept of `the wall at age 9`, referring to the fact that a child’s brain development has completed to a certain extent and entered a certain stage.

Research shows that the human brain develops fastest before the age of 10.

`The Wall at 9 Years Old`, refers to the fact that a child’s brain development has completed to a certain extent and will enter another stage of development at the age of 10 years old.

After the age of 9, the weight of the brain increases slightly, but the structures inside brain cells become more complex, and the various functions of the brain more mature.

Educator Rudolf Steiner calls this the `no return` challenge for children.

How to know if your child is standing in front of the `9-year-old wall`?

Each child has its own development process, but the `9-year-old wall` milestone is just a stage with high probability.

Through many years of clinical observation, doctor Hideki Wada determined that children who overcome the `9-year-old wall` will develop the ability to think and grasp things abstractly, and at the same time have the ability to think for themselves.

However, facing the `9-year-old wall`, many children with not yet fully developed abstract thinking may have difficulty solving difficult math problems, `trick` sentences… Success.

When children are 9 years old, bad learning habits that have been accumulated in the past may appear.

The secret behind children's '9 year old wall'

During the period of waiting for the child’s brain to perfect, parents should not put pressure on the child, should not blame the child for being `ignorant` and force the child to study more.

What do parents need to do for their children when they are 9 years old?

Increase children’s confidence

Psychologist Carol Dweck conducted experiments with a group of children with learning difficulties in fourth grade, at an elementary school in Chicago.

While school cannot wait, parents should not pressure their children.

It is necessary to help children increase their confidence in themselves, so that they do not lose confidence because of some poor performance, causing their academic achievement to decline.

Develop children’s independent thinking ability

As children grow older, they become more assertive and have their own opinions on many issues.

Let children read more books to increase their knowledge

We are always afraid of what we do not know.

According to children experts, children should read books, especially books about history and culture.