Rodman was born on May 13, 1961 in Trenton, New Jersey, and had a childhood full of misfortunes.

“I haven’t seen my father for 30 years, so what’s there to remember him for,” Rodman wrote in his autobiography.

`Bad boy` Rodman’s `sassy` hairstyles.

The difficulties do not stop there.

As soon as she learned of the incident, Rodman’s mother told him that he would have to join the army if he did not go to college.

A complicated childhood created a shy, somewhat autistic Rodman as a young man.

Rebound boss, basketball IQ genius

Dennis Rodman - the prodigal son of the NBA

Rodman once had 21 rebounds when facing giant Shaquille O’Neal.

After a year playing at Cooke County College in Dallas, Rodman won a basketball scholarship to Oklahoma State University.

Here, the Bad boy gradually rose to become a legend.

Dennis Rodman - the prodigal son of the NBA

Dennis Rodman – from NBA legend, sex maniac to man standing between the US and North Korea

`While everyone was practicing, he looked at the way the ball rotated,` legendary Isiah Thomas recounted.

Sex crazy guy

Personality and talent on the field, Rodman overcame life’s barriers to achieve his dream.

As much as fans admire Rodman for his football playing talent, they also respect him for his ability to kill women and his immortal `rain clouds`.

Dennis Rodman - the prodigal son of the NBA

Dennis Rodman and his ex-wife Carmen Electra.

Among the approximately 20,000 girls who have `exposed` him, Rodman cannot forget the famous actress and dancer Carmen Electra, his ex-wife.

Rodman’s reputation spread as far as singer Madonna.

At the beginning of the 21st century, Rodman married again at the age of 42 to singer Michelle Moyer.

The person standing between America and North Korea

When Dennis Rodman made his first trip to North Korea in 2013, no one could have imagined that his return in 2017 would be on behalf of the US ambassador.

It may sound unrealistic, but the tense relationship between the two countries after North Korea’s nuclear projects sometimes subsided thanks in part to Rodman’s work.

Dennis Rodman - the prodigal son of the NBA

Dennis Rodman (right) has a close relationship with Kim Jong Un.

Rodman, a rare person in the world who is a close friend of both Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un, repeatedly offered to `resolve things` between the two leaders.

Thanks to his close relationship with Mr. Kim, Rodman was confirmed to become the first foreigner to carry Kim Jong Un’s daughter.