This year’s summer vacation starts in mid-July. Many elementary schools in Beijing City, Shandong Province and Hainan offer day care services.

Children read books in the reading room of Beijing Primary School, Beijing City, on July 19.

Wang Min and her husband are bank employees in Tai’an city, Shandong province.

Last summer, Wang’s daughter had only one option: to take extra classes, with tuition of about 463 USD/month.

According to Wang, at school there are teachers and classmates, so girls are more independent and not glued to electronic devices.

Thanks to government support, schools with babysitting services charge lower fees than other shopping malls.

Beijing Primary School provides student care services to 7 nearby schools.

Schools are required to open facilities, including libraries and multi-purpose buildings, during the summer.

Chinese students spend the summer at school

Children participate in outdoor activities, under the guidance of teachers at Beijing Primary School, Beijing City, on July 19.

Chu Rongqi, 9 years old, is reading a fairy tale book in the library of Beijing Primary School, Xicheng District.

Li Mingxin, Principal of Beijing Primary School, said more than 100 teachers have registered to volunteer but currently only 40 have been mobilized.

Chen Chenliang, physical education teacher, signed up to babysit students.

According to Professor Wang Zhongwu, School of Philosophy and Social Development, Shandong University, schools’ daycare services also help reduce the number of accidents such as drowning and electric shock, and limit the use of

However, the service requires coordination from more organizations.

Many experts point out that babysitting services cannot replace parental responsibilities.

Chinese students spend the summer at school

Students have fun at Beijing Primary School, Beijing city, July 19.