Son Tra Peninsula is an ideal destination for nature lovers in Da Nang, about 10 km northeast of the city center.

The banyan tree is located in the ancient banyan population at Son Tra Peninsula Nature Reserve, home to a population of red-shanked douc langurs, an endemic Indochinese primate in Son Tra.

The banyan tree is located on the tourist route Bai Bac – Ghenh Da – Mui Nghe.

Son Tra banyan tree is also known as High Mountain banyan tree, belongs to the Mulberry family with more than 800 years old, 22 m high, main trunk and secondary trunk circumference up to 85 m.

During the two resistance wars against the French colonialists and the American imperialists, Son Tra peninsula became the base of the army and people of Quang Nam – Da Nang.

Banyan tree over 800 years old on Son Tra peninsula

Guests sit next to the main trunk of an ancient banyan tree with clusters of roots floating on the ground.

The ancient banyan tree area has a quiet space where you can rest, enjoy the cool breeze blowing in from the sea, sit and chat, look out at the distant blue sea and `chill` to the rustling sound of the sea.

The road on Son Tra peninsula is paved so it is very smooth, however the terrain is quite steep. If traveling by motorbike, you need a very strong engine and fill the tank with gas before departing, so you should ride a manual car.

In addition to the ancient banyan tree, Son Tra has many other impressive attractions such as Ban Co peak, Ghenh Bang, Gei Cape, Green Lake, Linh Ung Pagoda – Bai But, Son Tra lighthouse, Da Den beach, Golden Sand beach.

Banyan tree over 800 years old on Son Tra peninsula

Refreshments next to the old banyan tree, visitors can rest and watch the sea.