For Icahn, Apple’s title as the world’s largest company still does not satisfy him.

The billionaire believes that Apple’s revenue will skyrocket thanks to new products, including large-screen iPhones, smart watches and mobile payment applications.

Below is Icahn’s analysis of the above statements, as quoted by¬†Bloomberg.

1. iPhone will beat  Android phones

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus at the launch on September 9.

Icahn thinks the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are like Mercedes-Benz luxury cars, but they are much more affordable.

The new iPhone will increase Apple’s profits by 44% next year.

`As the time people use their phones increases and the practical value of superior devices grows, it will be difficult for consumers to choose an inferior phone when the price difference is so small,` he said.

2. Apple Watch

The smartwatch that Apple introduced last week and pledged to sell early next year in the US will have `a significant impact on Apple’s growth,` Icahn wrote.

3. iPad will be used by more and more businesses

The cooperation between Apple and IBM in July will help Apple’s tablet segment revenue increase by 13% per year in the next 3 years, he predicted.

4. TV

Although Apple has not yet announced plans to sell TVs, Icahn still believes that the company will launch ultra-high definition TVs in fiscal 2016. And this product will be as successful as its iPhone brother.

The billionaire calculates that selling 55-inch and 65-inch TVs will help Apple sell 12 million products in 2016 and 25 million in 2017. `TVs are the central object in the living room, and therefore will be a promising market.`

5. Apple Pay

Apple’s new mobile payment system will officially operate this month and has the potential to bring in $2.5 billion in revenue in 2017, if it captures 30% of the US market share.

`Apple is dominating the high-end segment with customers willing to pay more than its competitors. Therefore, Apple Pay will have a good foothold and succeed in a segment where other brands cannot compete,` he said.