Overcoming the two candidates Mercedes C-class and Volvo S60, the Bavarian luxury car BMW Series 3 won the Car of the Year award in the small luxury low-rise car category.

Total scores from experts and experienced readers for small luxury sedans.

Series 3 is BMW’s best-selling sedan in the global and Vietnamese markets.

Not the best-selling car model, but what the BMW 3 Series possesses has scored the highest points from the jury.

The BMW 3 series is the small, low-slung luxury car of the year

A Series 3 model rolled out in Hanoi.

Coming in second and third in the car poll of the year in the small luxury low-rise segment are the C-class and S60.

With the Volvo S60, the Swedish brand car model opened for sale in 2020, much later than its two German competitors.

The BMW 3 series is the small, low-slung luxury car of the year

The video honors typical car models

Winning car models at Car Awards 2021 organized by VnExpress.

Car Awards 2021 is the first professional program in Vietnam to vote and honor typical car models of the market organized by VnExpress-Xe, to create a reputable reference source for readers, systematically

The Car Awards 2021 ecosystem has a series of events, the highlight of which is voting for `Car of the Year` and `Car of the Year by each segment`.

`Car of the Year 2021` is the final award of the Car Awards 2021, selected by the Organizing Committee from the top 15 car models in each segment.

Awards in each segment will be selected by the Jury with the following structure: 60% of the points come from the Professional Council and 40% of the points come from experienced readers.