The CEO of the Hong Kong branch of China’s largest stock brokerage company suddenly disappeared last week.

The media believes that these CEOs are entangled in investigations related to bribery or insider trading.

According to CNN, below are the 4 latest missing cases:

1. Guotai Junan International

Currently, no one has been able to contact Yim Fung.

Yim Fung, CEO of the Hong Kong branch of this stock brokerage company, was reported missing on Monday.

Local media said he was being detained to serve the investigation of a high-ranking official – Yao Gang – Vice Chairman of the China Securities Commission (CSRC).

2. China Minsheng Bank

Earlier this year, a reputable Chinese magazine reported that Chairman Mao Xiaofeng of China Minsheng Bank could not be contacted because he was under investigation.

A few other high-ranking financial officials were also caught up in government investigations, such as Zhang Yun – Chairman of the Agricultural Bank of China or Xu Xiang – Director of Zexi Investment in Shanghai.

3. China Aircraft

On June 17, CEO Poon Ho Man wrote a letter of resignation for unknown reasons after a month’s leave.

`Other than the information in the newspaper, the company’s management does not know anything else about the investigations or Mr. Poon’s current condition,` China Aircraft said.

After the incident, the company’s shares dropped 19% on June 19 alone.

4. Hanergy

Hanergy Chairman Li Hejun did not attend the Shareholders’ Meeting in May, after the company’s shares lost 47% in just one hour.

Many analysts have been skeptical about Hanergy’s sudden rise, as its shares previously rose 625% this year, before Chinese stocks plummeted.

A Hanergy spokesman later said Li attended the opening of the clean energy exhibition instead of the Shareholders’ Meeting.

This announcement raised many questions, especially when Li had asserted that Hanergy shares would fall.