Since the end of 2020, this country has gradually loosened its borders, unilaterally opening up to a number of countries and territories with comprehensive public health surveillance systems and successful control of Covid-19, including

Below are the safety measures the Singapore government is applying to welcome international visitors.

Air travel pass (ATP)

Using the ATP card, visitors from Vietnam entering the country do not need to self-isolate at home for 14 days, if they meet all the conditions.

The application must be completed within 7 to 30 days, before entering the island country.

Travelers must comply with the ATP Conditions and applicable Singapore Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) requirements for entry and stay.

TraceTogether contact tracing app

Travelers are required to retain the TraceTogether app with data for 14 consecutive days after leaving Singapore.

In addition to social distancing regulations or wearing masks, visitors need to install the TraceTogether application on their phones before landing on the lion island.

At the security gate, visitors need to present a mobile device with the application installed and activated, in addition to the ATP application approval letter.

The Singapore government also uses the SafeEntry system to control, trace and localize in case of detecting Covid-19 infection in the community.

SG Clean safety standards

Venues recognized by SG Clean safety standards are inspected by authorities to ensure hygiene and safety are maintained.

4 ways Singapore protects tourists in the 'new normal'

Tourists can feel secure choosing entertainment, entertainment, and dining destinations that are certified by SG Clean.

Covid-19 insurance

Inbound travel insurance covers costs related to Covid-19 arising in this country.

Let’s watch the video below to imagine a completely new Singapore.

4 ways Singapore protects tourists in the 'new normal'

‘New normal’ travel itinerary in Singapore

‘New normal’ travel itinerary in Singapore.

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Pham Huyen