The goal is for the Southwest provinces to control the epidemic before August 25, according to Deputy Minister Tuyen, when meeting online with 12 Southwest provinces including: Tra Vinh, Ben Tre, Tien Giang, Can Tho, Kien Giang.

From July 27 until now, 12 provinces and cities in the Southwest have recorded 19,754 Covid cases, accounting for 6.8% of cases nationwide and 7.5% of cases in 19 southern provinces, according to data from the Department of Health.

The 5 localities with the highest number of infections include: Dong Thap with more than 5,300 cases, Tien Giang with more than 4,800 cases, Can Tho with more than 2,900 cases, Vinh Long with nearly 1,800 cases, and Ben Tre with more than 1,300 cases.

To control the epidemic, Deputy Minister Tuyen emphasized 6 main measures:

First, the provinces must be able to control the epidemic from entering.

Second, control the outbreak from within.

Third, speed up screening and testing to quickly remove F0 from the community.

`The faster and faster the test, the faster the F0 is removed, reducing infection, thereby reducing the overload of treatment facilities,` Mr. Tuyen said.

Fourth, when F0 is detected, it must be traced quickly, limiting the risk of a `spiral of spread` from the community to the industrial park or vice versa, or spreading within the community and businesses…

Fifth, improve treatment, including stratifying treatment to minimize deaths.

Sixth, localities must ensure stability, order, safety and social security.

After assessment, any area that continues to implement Directive 16 must strictly implement it, avoiding `tightness on the outside and looseness on the inside`, ensuring food support so that people can feel secure in their places, and cannot

Mr. Tuyen also requested to speed up the vaccination process when the vaccine arrives at the locality according to the approved overall vaccination plan.

Deputy Minister Tuyen held an online meeting with 12 provinces in the Southwest region on the afternoon of August 18.

Since the end of July, the Ministry of Health has established 4 working groups including many experts to support 12 Western provinces in fighting the epidemic.

`The goal by August 25 is to control the epidemic and soon repel the epidemic in these provinces and across the country,` the Deputy Minister said.

Ho Chi Minh City sets the goal of controlling the epidemic before September 15, while Binh Duong, Long An, and Dong Nai provinces set the goal before September 1.

Le Nga