In the guidelines for innovating teaching, testing and evaluating methods of Literature in high schools, issued on July 21, the Ministry introduced three main contents.

Firstly, in terms of teaching and learning, the education sector requires schools and teachers to focus on promoting the positivity, initiative, and creativity of students;

In addition, the Ministry guides schools to develop plans to teach Literature in the direction of enhancing students’ training in reading, writing, speaking and listening;

When teaching reading, teachers only consider language materials as a means and understanding language materials is a way for students to form and develop their ability to read and understand text.

Similar to teaching writing, the teacher’s task is to help students form and present coherent, creative and convincing ideas, thereby training their thinking and writing styles.

Candidates in Hanoi listen to the regulations before entering the 2022 high school graduation exam. Photo: Giang Huy

Changes in teaching and learning methods will lead to the need to innovate ways of testing and evaluating students.

Accordingly, schools and teachers need to ensure the principle of promoting the positive aspects of students’ personality, imagination, language and literary abilities and logical thinking.

To do this, the Ministry emphasizes the role of using language materials.

Along with the requirement to explore and use new language materials, the Ministry also encourages schools to use open-ended questions in testing activities;

From a management perspective, school leaders, Departments and Departments of Education need to create conditions and encourage teachers to innovate and create teaching and assessment methods in Literature;

Previously, the high school graduation exam took place on July 7-8.

Faced with the fact that some individuals were able to correctly guess the work asked in the Literature exam three times in a row, even though it was not a revealed question, the leaders of the Ministry of Education were asked questions about whether the work of setting the questions was going according to plan.

Mr. Thanh said this year’s high school graduation thesis has a similar structure to previous years.

In the 2024-2025 school year, the new general education program is applied to all 12 grades.

Instructions for reforming the teaching and testing of Literature at the high school level are assessed to have a significant impact on the motifs and language used in Literature exams.