According to Circular 09 on the management and organization of online teaching in general and continuing education establishments, online teaching is determined to support and replace face-to-face teaching, helping to improve the quality of teaching.

Online teaching will be carried out according to lessons or topics in the general education program, ensuring interaction between teachers and students.

Teachers are allowed to perform main activities such as giving lessons and guiding students to study;

For students, when there is class time, they must attend and perform learning activities and test and evaluate according to the teacher’s requirements;

Teacher at Dong La Secondary School (Hanoi) taught online in March. Photo: Duong Tam.

The Ministry of Education and Training also regulates regular and periodic testing and evaluation of students’ online learning results.

The Ministry of Education and Training allows high school principals to decide on the form of periodic inspection and evaluation according to the Ministry’s regulations, as long as it ensures objectivity and honesty.

The Ministry also specifies the responsibilities of relevant agencies, organizations and individuals.

The district People’s Committee allocates resources to ensure technical infrastructure to organize online teaching in the area.

Circular 09 was issued by the Ministry of Education and Training on March 30, effective from May 16.

In the 2019-2020 school year, more than 22 million students nationwide had to study online for 3 months due to the Covid-19 outbreak and school closures.

By March-April 2021, Covid-19 broke out again in 13 provinces and cities. Many other provinces were at risk, so students stopped going to school and switched to online learning.

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Duong Tam