At Hang Day Stadium, Hanoi played completely on Thanh Hoa’s advantage, attacking continuously from beginning to end of the match.

Omar scored twice against his old team.

Hanoi hosts Thanh Hoa when there is a personnel crisis in the central defender position.

Hanoi’s defense has little resistance but thanks to the good play from above.

Thanh Hoa faced additional difficulties when goalkeeper Ba Son had to leave the field early.

Hanoi beat Thanh Hoa 5-0

His grandfather passed away but Quang Hai still played on the field and had three assists for his teammates to score.

In the second half, the game was still one-sided, it didn’t take long for Hanoi to increase the gap.

A few minutes later, Omar suffered slight pain from a collision in the penalty area with Van Dai.

Hanoi beat Thanh Hoa 5-0

Van Quyet impressed coach Park Hang-seo sitting in the stands when he scored a double.

Losing two goals, coach Vu Quang Bao decided to change the playing style, allowing Thanh Hoa to push the double team up.

Van Quyet punished Thanh Hoa’s indiscretion at the back with a brace.

Interspersed between Van Quyet’s double was Kebe’s goal.