In recent days, medical staff at these two facilities have cleaned and disinfected all F0 treatment departments and hospital grounds, treated blankets, sheets, pillows, mattresses, and cleaned patient transport vehicles.

Both hospitals still maintain an isolation area for patients with positive Covid-19 results through screening detection.

District 7 Hospital staff cleaned and disinfected the entire hospital and officially restored normal medical examination and treatment functions for people from September 28.

District 7 Hospital provides medical examination and treatment according to the `split hospital` model since July 12, receiving F0 treatment and performing emergency care for non-infected patients.

The hospital has tightened the screening and medical declaration process, using thermal cameras to detect patients with fever symptoms, classifying patients, and applying a one-way process to ensure people’s safety.

Cu Chi Regional General Hospital, after more than a month of changing functions, also received treatment of hundreds of Covid-19 patients.

The first two Covid hospitals 'dissolved'

Cu Chi Regional General Hospital also cleaned and disinfected the entire hospital, arranged and rearranged patient rooms to be ready to serve the medical examination and treatment needs of people from September 28.

During nearly 5 months of fighting the epidemic, 95 hospitals in the city have been participating in Covid-19 treatment.

According to the leader of the Ho Chi Minh City Department of Health, as soon as there were optimistic signs of starting to control the epidemic, the city prepared a roadmap to restore the original functions of hospitals to meet the needs of medical examination and treatment.

According to the progression of the epidemic situation, the city prioritizes returning field hospitals that have used the infrastructure of schools, dormitories, and offices.

The principle that the health sector must ensure when building a roadmap to convert initial functions for hospitals is that in a district, there must always be a plan available for receiving and receiving F0 treatment.

Le Phuong