After many years of incubation, the voice of Past Life Picture has just launched the Joolux brand, (Journey of Luxury) – a brand journey – to ensure the rights of brand name users and build a global ecosystem.

– Why did you choose to do business during the Covid-19 period?

– I don’t allow myself to rest too much.

Duong Trieu Vu received business support from friends and family.

– Why do you intend to do business with branded goods?

Branded goods attract global fashionistas and affirm the user’s class.

As a lover of luxury fashion, I understand these difficulties and concerns.

– In your opinion, how is the luxury market trend in Vietnam currently developing?

– Vietnam is one of the `lucrative` markets for international luxury fashion brands, and is also one of the countries with many high-end enthusiasts.

The `exploding` demand for branded goods will open up a potential market for brands specializing in selling high-end, genuine goods.

– What do you think about the potential of the used branded goods market?

– The number of economically well-off and highly educated consumers in Vietnam is quite large.

As I said above, branded goods honor the owner’s class and Joolux will fully meet the increasing demand for owning both branded goods and secondhand luxury goods.

Duong Trieu Vu cooperates with stars to develop branded products

He said that since he was young, he has been passionate about timekeeping machines. For many years, in addition to singing, he has always researched and understood the characteristics, structure and current status of the luxury watch market.

– What is the role of Joolux in your branded business model?

– Joolux represents the Journey of Luxury – the journey of luxury goods. I do not simply intend for Joolux to be an online trading platform for used luxury goods, but wish to build a reputable brand, a bridge for

According to Business Wire, the world’s leading professional analysis organization Technavio forecasts that the personal brand market will increase to 83.06 billion USD in the period 2019-2023.

We will strive to become a pioneer in building a comprehensive and reputable ecosystem for the used branded goods market.

– Can you tell us about the strengths and vision of the Joolux branded business model?

– Joolux’s strength is its highly specialized and dedicated human resources team.

Besides, we always implement the principle `Customer trust is our greatest asset`.

– Your upcoming plans?

– In addition to building and developing the branded ecosystem, Joolux plans to cooperate with top stars and influencers in Vietnam.

In addition, I still maintain music projects.

Nhan Truong