This is the second time within two days that the Facebook account of Ms. Tran Thi Thu Phuong, a manager at a media company, was taken over by bad guys.

The incident started at noon on February 26 when Phuong received a messenger message from a friend asking her to vote for her niece to participate in a children’s singing contest.

Hackers texted many of Phuong’s Facebook friends to borrow money and transfer it to the account Do Van Tung opened at ACB bank.

After a few hours of getting her account back after asking an expert to intervene, Ms. Phuong discovered that the bad guys had changed all her registered personal information such as email and phone number.

Phuong guessed that the `attackers` intentionally targeted her.

Not only did the hacker steal money, he also sent a voting link containing malicious code to some of Phuong’s friends.

When receiving a text message saying `I’ll pay for the goods through this account for you`, a friend of Ms. Trang transferred 60 million VND.

Fraudulent interface created by hackers to take over Ms. Phuong’s account.

The phenomenon of stealing Facebook accounts to scam money happens regularly.

Obtaining personal information and chat history of each account holder, these young people who are good at information technology impersonated their relatives in Vietnam to send messages to borrow money, buy things, and buy cards.

Take over Facebook account to pretend to borrow money

Three suspects were arrested by Thanh Hoa Police.

The Ministry of Public Security warns Facebook account owners to only log in to their accounts on Facebook’s official website.

When you receive a message to borrow money, buy a phone card…, you need to call the Facebook account owner directly for verification.

Authorities warn that users should not make public their phone number, email, date of birth, or ID card number used to register for Facebook;