The Trobriand Islands located in the Solomon Sea, part of Papua New Guinea, are a paradise for women, according to photographer Eric Lafforgue, who had the opportunity to approach them.

Girls can `ambush` the man they like, then ask them to `have fun` with them without being condemned by society.

For people here, yams are considered the king food.

Women on the island are allowed to have as many lovers as they like.

They also have a permissive attitude towards sex life.

If an unmarried girl gets pregnant, her family will keep the baby.

In addition, they also showed interest and wanted to marry each other by sleeping together, spending time with each other and staying at each other’s house for a few weeks.

Love Island - where men feel nervous for fear of being forced to 'love'

The system on the island is said to be matriarchal.

There is no traditional wedding ceremony on the island.

If two people living together are not compatible, a woman can divorce her husband.

People here can change their spouse at will, whenever they want.

Love Island - where men feel nervous for fear of being forced to 'love'

The freedom to love makes WHO worried that this will be the source of HIV transmission and explosion in the island community.

Despite having an open sexual lifestyle, indigenous people have a strong sense of national pride.

On Trobriand Island, yams are a dish that is highly appreciated by the people.

Trobriand is only about a 2-hour drive from Port Moresby, the capital of Papua New Guinea, but it seems to be forgotten by the government.

The archipelago has an area of 450 square kilometers, located off the east coast of New Guinea.

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