The Chinese government pays all treatment costs for patients infected with nCoV.

Each nCoV test in China costs about 53 USD, the average treatment cost is 806 USD for young people and 3,309 USD for the elderly.

The US does not charge a fee for nCoV testing at laboratories, but treatment at hospitals can cost more than 3,200 USD.

Vice President Mike Pence, in a meeting with insurance company CEOs on March 10, said he would ensure Americans could get tested for nCoV and `cost will no longer be a barrier.`

Korean medical staff on March 10 took test samples for workers at a building in Seoul, where 46 cases of nCoV infection were detected.

South Korea announced in January that the government and insurance companies would cover costs related to medical examination, quarantine and treatment of patients infected with nCoV, including foreign patients.

Japan announced Covid-19 as an infectious disease in February. The Japanese government will pay inpatient bills related to Covid-19.

About 18,000 people in the UK have been tested for free since February and more than 370 of them tested positive for nCoV.

The cost for each nCoV test in Germany is up to about 282 USD.

On March 7, Singapore applied a policy of charging treatment fees and free testing for foreigners infected with nCoV with short-term entry visas.

Vietnam offers free testing for people suspected of being infected with nCoV and have indications for testing.

Covid-19 originated from Wuhan, China in December 2019.