Olivia Troye, former homeland security advisor to Vice President Mike Pence and former advisor to the White House Covid-19 task force led by Pence, said on September 17 that the government knew Covid-19 would return.

`The president doesn’t want to hear that because his biggest concern is that we’re in an election year and how this will affect what he considers his record of success.`

Troye said she was shocked to see Trump, who downplayed Covid-19 in its early stages, treat the epidemic as a hoax and say everything would be fine.

`The truth is he doesn’t really care about anyone but himself. If the President had taken this virus seriously or really made an effort, he would have slowed the virus’ spread and saved lives.`

Olivia Troye in a video released by the Republican Voters Against Trump group on September 17.

Troye worked for Pence for two years and resigned in July. The description accompanying the video states that she is now a Republican who will vote for Democratic candidate Joe Biden.

Responding to the above information, Trump told reporters that he did not know and had never met Troye, adding that the former adviser wrote a `beautiful letter` praising the administration when he left office.

Vice President Pence called Troye a `disgruntled employee` playing politics during an election year.

The White House team also criticized Troye’s allegations.

Keith Kellogg, Pence’s national security adviser, said in a statement that Troye typically reported directly to him while on the job `and never once expressed any concerns about the administration’s response.`

The US is currently the largest epidemic region in the world with more than 6.8 million infections and more than 202,000 deaths.