In the book titled `Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man,` Mary, 55, who calls Donald Trump her uncle, writes that he

`Mary Trump added that the high scores brought by her surrogate helped young Trump get into the prestigious Wharton business school of the University of Pennsylvania,` NYTimes quoted the book manuscript.

Mary Trump, niece of US President Donald Trump.

When asked about Trump’s niece’s book on July 7, White House Counselor Kellyanne Conway said that it was an internal matter within the President’s family.

White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany said on the same day that Mary Trump’s book was `filled with lies`.

Before Mary, a number of former White House assistants and members of the Trump administration had published books with negative content about the President, including former director of the Central Intelligence Agency (FBI) James Comey, former deputy director of the FBI Andrew

Niece accused Trump of hiring someone to take the college entrance exam for him

US President Trump at the White House, Washington, DC, August 2019.

The Trump administration last month filed a lawsuit against former national security adviser John Bolton, as he prepared to release a memoir about the White House, said to contain classified information that could damage national security.

Mary Trump is the daughter of Fred Trump Jr., the US President’s brother, who passed away in 1981. She rarely appears in public, except for noises related to discord with her grandfather’s family.

Judge Hal B. Greenwald of the New York State Supreme Court on June 30 issued a temporary ruling to block the publication of Mary Trump’s memoir, after Robert Trump, the President’s younger brother, filed a petition asking the court to block publication.

This is the first time the US President has had to face potentially harmful information given by a family member.

`Its attempt to sensationalize and distort our family relationship for financial gain is both a travesty and an injustice to the memory of our beloved parents.`

Mai Lam (According to Reuters)