`This is the second match in a row that Vietnam has had to suffer a penalty. The players need to be more crazy. In situations that are not too dangerous, they need to avoid fouling in the 16m50 area,` Mr. Park shared after the match.

Coach Park Hang-seo wants to create a miracle with U23 Vietnam at the U23 Asian Championship.

In the friendly match at Hang Day Stadium, Vietnam conceded in the 10th minute when Van Khanh fouled in the 16m50 area, giving Seung Jun the opportunity to defeat goalkeeper Van Hoang from the 11m mark.

`Vietnam’s third goal in the match against Ulsan Hyundai came from an aerial battle loss. We must improve this because the three opponents Korea, Australia and Syria in the U23 Asian finals can all

Coach Park Hang-seo: 'Vietnamese players need more monsters'

U23 Vietnam – Ulsan

Vietnam played poorly against Ulsan Hyundai in the first half, suffering two goals in the 10th and 13th minutes. But in the second half, the team played on par with the team that had just won the Korean FA Cup, equalizing 2-2 thanks to a goal.

`The common problem with U23 Vietnam and the national team is that they often lose a lot after the 80th minute. This is the time when the players’ physical strength declines and their concentration is also poor. The team must strengthen their physical strength and willpower.

Coach Park Hang-seo: 'Vietnamese players need more monsters'

Physical fitness is always a problem for Vietnamese football teams.

Confidence is also a problem for Vietnam.

Besides lifting morale, Coach Park Hang-seo also adjusted his tactics to help U23 Vietnam have a good second half against Ulsan Hyundai.

`Because the team was behind, at the beginning of the second half, I let Vietnam play immediately with a three-defender formation, instead of four as previously planned. Ulsan Hyundai’s defense was tall but the wings were slow. I asked the players.

After the match with Ulsan Hyundai, U23 Vietnam continued to train in Hanoi.