VnExpress received many comments from readers after the article Ho Chi Minh City Police discovered 7 container drivers testing positive for drugs.

Reader Endless love shared: `I was driving a crane there, suddenly I saw the police come in and each driver was taken away, it turned out to be a drug test. There are several incidents a year on the road to the port.

`If anyone walking on the highway sees a number of container trucks parked on the side of an empty road, please report to the police. I guess most of the drivers are inviting each other to use drugs` – a reader commented.

Many people believe that drivers must use stimulants to stay awake and drive many trips.

The public knows that container drivers in particular and drivers in general use stimulants, but the important thing is how to detect them?

Before the Lunar New Year, the demand for transporting goods and traveling increases, many readers suggested that long-distance bus drivers should be tested for drugs, because when they hold the steering wheel, they hold their lives in their hands.

`In addition to container trucks, there should also be sudden drug checks on trucks, long-distance passenger cars, and vehicles with fast turnover to receive goods from ports, especially during the upcoming Lunar New Year` – reader Nguyen Thi Khanh

`It is necessary to expand testing nationwide and test long-distance passenger vehicle drivers, not allowing drug addicts to drive vehicles that affect the lives of many people` – Lee Nguyen.

Reader Nguyen Van Thang proposed a tough solution: `Authorities across the country should get involved, otherwise some drivers will move to other localities to continue practicing. These drivers need to have their licenses revoked.

Reader Hoang Duong suggested: `It’s clear why container villains run red lights and drive recklessly, causing accidents. First, when they are addicted to drugs, they need money, and when they need money, they have to plow day and night.

People hope that the authorities will act strongly.

At the same time, businesses and drivers need to confirm their health certificate when coming to work.

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