In 2016, during a business trip to Ba Ria Vung Tau, Mr. Ho Si Bao, director of a shipping company in Saigon, had the opportunity to interact with cocoa farmers here.

Returning to Saigon but not forgetting the cocoa tree, after a night of thinking, Bao said his `shocking` idea to his wife was to quit his job as a director and sell the house he was living in to start a business.

`Changing the living environment from a vibrant city to a remote countryside is really not easy. How many times have I seen my wife and children being bitten by centipedes, scorpions, and insects and I’m speechless,` Mr. Bao said about those days.

Mr. Ho Si Bao next to a machine that adjusts the chocolate temperature to create crystallization before molding.

Once he had a source of fruit, Bao invested in 8 wooden barrels to ferment cocoa beans.

After more than a hundred successful incubations, Bao met his friend, who was also a mechanical lecturer at a university.

However, happiness passes quickly like Tet.

`Every day I wake up, the debt is increasing, the confidence of farmers, employees and families is decreasing. I doubt my ability and chances of success. Capital is depleted, sometimes I only have enough money to buy a few things.

That year, when the cocoa harvest ended, Bao looked back at his direction and decided to make chocolate.

After visiting the farm, the group decided to support handmade chocolate making techniques.

To gain a brand, he brought his products to participate in chocolate competitions.

After the award, Bao’s Bapula chocolate began to sell well at retail.

`My 2019 plan is to promote exports to Japan, Singapore and Korea. Domestically, I aim to bring goods into systems such as Vinmart, Satra, Annam Gourmet. In addition, I will open stores

Bao said that every time he moves to a new step, there is failure waiting ahead.