If 2015 took away from English football a Wayne Rooney, it also gave them back a Harry Kane.

Also in 2015, no striker scored more goals in the Premier League than Kane.

Kane (No. 10) is the inspiration for Tottenham to soar into the top 4. Photo: Reuters.

When Kane emerged as a phenomenon last season, there were doubts that he was a one-season striker, meaning he would only emerge and then disappear like a shooting star.

For a long time, Tottenham spent money without hesitation on stars, and then every time a character emerged as an icon (Luka Modric, Gareth Bale), they were robbed by rich teams.

In the final match of 2015 against Watford, Tottenham used a total of five English players: Tom Carroll, Dele Alli, Danny Rose, Eric Dier and of course Harry Kane.

For Kane, his journey to rise also brings a lot of inspiration.

Harry Kane and the dream of English football

Kane (blue shirt) is a late bloomer, compared to other English football prodigies like Owen, Rooney, and Walcott.

As a child, Kane was a player that could be called mediocre.

From the day he met Defoe to the day he made Tottenham completely forget Defoe as well as the other strikers the club has acquired in recent years, Kane has come a very long way.

`That day, I was really bad. I kicked the ball into the air, I caught the ball flying several meters away,` Kane bravely admitted.

The beauty of Kane lies in its simplicity.

Harry Kane and the dream of English football

Rooney is getting heavier with age, and with Kane, England has new hope for their attack as they head towards big competitions.

Kane plays simple football, and off the field, he also has a simple life.

In the midst of an England chasing foreign stars, suddenly there is a Tottenham looking for young stars.