Dr. Nguyen Tri Thuc, Director of Cho Ray Hospital, held an emergency meeting before the rapid response team left to assign tasks.

This time, Cho Ray’s rapid response team is responsible for supporting the government, Border Guard Command and Kien Giang Covid-19 Prevention Steering Committee to survey, channelize and urgently build two field hospitals in the city.

According to Dr. Linh, at Ha Tien General Hospital, the group will coordinate to build an intensive care unit (ICU), with a capacity of up to 50 people, with enough equipment to support treatment of patients.

Doctor Tran Thanh Linh, Deputy Head of the Department of Emergency Resuscitation, Cho Ray Hospital, was hospitalized in Gia Lai in February 2021, and in Da Nang during the outbreak at the end of July 2020.

In previous times, the Cho Ray rapid response team went to provide aid when the epidemic broke out.

The difficulty this time is that the premises in Ha Tien City are not available. When building a field hospital, you have to do many things, making detailed plans for equipment, machinery, personnel, medicine…

`The three goals this time are very big, the doctors and nurses have not yet determined a return date, just trying to complete the mission well,` said Dr. Linh.

Dr. Nguyen Tri Thuc, Director of Cho Ray Hospital (white blouse) and the rapid response team before leaving for Kien Giang.

Joining the rapid response team to support the provinces for the first time, doctor Nguyen Qui Hung, Department of Emergency Resuscitation, said he `felt both nervous and happy to receive an important task`.

On April 18, Minister of Health Nguyen Thanh Long and leaders of Ho Chi Minh City Pasteur Institute and Cho Ray Hospital inspected epidemic prevention work in Kien Giang province, checked entry management activities, quarantine, and medical supervision.

The Minister of Health commented that Kien Giang is a locality with `a long border, wide sea area but small distance` with more than 56 km of Cambodia’s common border on land and sea, and more than 145 large and small islands, due to

The Ministry of Health assigned Cho Ray Hospital to coordinate with the locality to develop plans to establish treatment areas that can receive severe to very severe patients.

The Minister of Health also assigned Ho Chi Minh City Pasteur Institute to work with localities to support the establishment of qualified testing laboratories in Ha Tien and Provincial General Hospital, improving productivity and on-site testing capacity for the City.

From February 20 until now, about 1,300 people have entered the country through Ha Tien border gate, detecting 31 cases of illegal entry.

Cambodia is in the midst of a strong Covid-19 outbreak.

Le Phuong