Are you in Saigon or Hanoi, going to work by car or motorbike?

Before the sun could reach the company, dust clung to my face as thickly as makeup.

That’s what riding a motorbike is like, a car is a little more fun.

>> ‘The crime of motorbikes is that they are too convenient and anyone can buy them’

It’s tiring, but in the end it’s all about money.

People flock to the cities every day in large numbers, each year is higher than the previous year, the number of motorbikes also increases with the number of people.

The country’s population is 90 million people, Saigon and Hanoi are nearly 10 million people each, with a mechanical increase in each city of millions of people every year.

Although our country’s population is large, it is still young and healthy, so even if the bus station is far away, try your best. If you are young, walking a lot will benefit you a lot.

>>  ‘Motorcycle thinking’ will be a difficult problem for public transport

Who doesn’t want a wide road to walk, comfortable, less crowded, but first of all, there’s no money to do it.

Instead of constantly arguing about whether or not to ban motorbikes, we should look straight at the country’s current situation and see that we are poor to reduce our demands.

Anyone with strong legs should buy a bicycle and ride.

>> ‘Banning motorbikes will lose the rights of many rich people’

Surely going to work is as fun as going out, because you can see the streets and chat happily like when you were in middle school.

What is said above is not forced or just talk.

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