Specialist doctor Tran Thanh Linh is Deputy Head of the Department of Emergency Resuscitation at Cho Ray Hospital, currently in charge of the Emergency Resuscitation Unit at Da Nang Lung Hospital.

He is the first person from Cho Ray to come to Da Nang’s aid, from July 25 to present.

Doctor Linh said that in the past half month, her and her colleagues’ work schedule always started at 7:30 am.

Doctor Tran Thanh Linh at a meeting in June 2020.

At lunch, the doctors and nurses `quickly handle` everything in the hospital.

To provide professional support to colleagues and ensure patient safety, every night there are doctors, nurses and testing technicians from Cho Ray Hospital staying on duty.

`We rarely leave the hospital to rest before 8:00 p.m. It’s also common to go on the road at night for emergency treatment of severe Covid-19 patients from other hospitals in the area,` said Dr. Linh.

The Emergency Resuscitation Unit of Da Nang Lung Hospital is treating 16 patients, of which 8 severe patients are on ventilators, two patients are on ECMO and 4 patients require continuous dialysis.

Cho Ray doctors take care of Covid-19 patients at the Intensive Care Department of Da Nang Lung Hospital.

12 km away, is the `battlefield` Hoa Vang Field Hospital, where kidney failure patients infected with nCoV are treated.

Their task is to coordinate with colleagues in Da Nang and Bach Mai Hospital to take care of 9 Covid-19 patients requiring dialysis.

2-3 times a day, doctors and nurses wear protective clothing into the room to examine, care for, and perform dialysis for patients with chronic kidney failure, end stage, with underlying medical conditions undergoing regular dialysis.

`Hemodialysis patients often have weak resistance, but now they are infected with nCoV, so many patients are in serious condition. However, everyone is trying their best to improve their health condition.

At Quang Nam General Hospital, the second rapid response team of Cho Ray Hospital has been present since July 31.

At the front of the battle line, you shoulder to shoulder shoulder many hardships.

`It’s okay, brothers always encourage each other to be optimistic, cheerful and determined to work together and unite to overcome this pandemic,` Dr. Dai shared.

15 days of support for Da Nang by doctor Cho Ray

Doctors continuously conduct consultations and discuss treatment methods for patients, day and night.

`In the midst of an epidemic, there are many difficulties, but we always believe that with everyone’s unanimity, we will definitely bring good results,` Dr. Linh expressed.

As of August 9, Cho Ray Hospital sent 6 rapid response teams, including 15 doctors, nurses, and technicians, to provide support to Da Nang and Quang Nam.

All Ho Chi Minh City medical staff assigned to strengthen the frontline in Quang Nam and Da Nang are experienced in treating Covid-19 patients.