According to Bloomberg, during the Vietnam GameVerse 2023 event organized by VnExpress in early April in Ho Chi Minh City, government representatives emphasized the leading factor, promoting Vietnam to become the hottest entertainment application development market in the region.

A female employee is designing game images.

According to, Vietnam is currently in the top 5 countries in the world in mobile game production, based on downloads in the first half of 2023. But for those who understand the field, the rise of the industry

The gaming industry is also driven by a growing team of young, passionate and talented developers.

`A big, enterprising spirit is being shown in Ho Chi Minh City – Vietnam’s Silicon Valley. The technical talent of the people here is quite outstanding,` said Khoi Nguyen, founder of a tool creation company.

Vietnam first attracted the attention of global gamers in 2013 after developer Nguyen Ha Dong created Flappy Bird – a simple game that was downloaded by millions of people, until Dong removed it from the store.

Thai Thanh Liem, CEO of game studio Topebox, remembers the excitement of the early days a decade ago.

Up to now, game studios have sprung up across provinces and cities, competing with each other with the goal of creating the next blockbuster.

Meanwhile, OneSoft is the world’s fourth largest mobile game publisher based on downloads from the App Store and Google Play, according to

`People don’t know Amanotes is a Vietnamese company,` Bill Vo said.

However, Vietnamese developers are facing increasing challenges in the global game market, as governments impose data control regulations.

`This approach can increase costs for large companies, while small companies also face difficulties,` commented Kelly Wong, Vice President of VNG’s entertainment and gaming segment.

In fact, most popular games produced in Vietnam are released for free and have simple interfaces.

`However, Vietnamese game developers are accumulating experience and applying new technology to reduce production costs but still be able to create larger-scale products,` Binh Tran, co-founder of Ascend

Meanwhile, the Vietnamese government is also taking steps to support the development of the gaming sector.