– The assassination of Gianni Versace in 1997 was a major turning point in her life because she had to replace her brother in developing the Versace brand.

– The day Gianni passed away, all my emotions seemed to be exhausted… To be more precise, my mind was destroyed.

– If someone says that Versace has continued to grow over the past 17 years only thanks to Gianni’s legacy, how would you answer?

– Gianni is a design genius, so inheriting what he left behind is not easy.

From a young age, Donatella and her brother were exposed to fashion because her mother was a seamstress.

– Greater reputation and influence means more designs are `copied` by competitors.

– I think they are a form of praise.

– Before becoming a top designer today, what fate helped you get into fashion?

– I am the youngest child in the family, above there is Gianni.

It was not until I graduated with a degree in literature from Florence University in the 1980s that I began to be exposed to fashion.

Donatella Versace: 'I'm famous but not talented'

Many of Donatella’s designs create trends in modern fashion.

– Not only is she famous for her fiery and bold outfits, she also makes her followers ecstatic with many unique and unique shoe designs.

– Oh, I’ve never worn flat shoes in my whole life.

– The mission of fashion is to create comfort, but if women wear high heels all day long, it will be very inconvenient.

– What is fashion that must create comfort?

Donatella Versace: 'I'm famous but not talented'

Lady Gaga is one of Donatella Versace’s favorite `muses`.

– Who inspires your designs?

– I change `muses` from time to time.

– Your favorite `muses` are all singers, but what about the models once associated with the name Versace like Naomi Campbell or Christy Turlington?

– Oh, I still love them very much.

– If you could describe the Versace brand in a few short sentences, what would you say?

– The company’s symbol is the head of the snake goddess Medusa, which was feared by ancient people because anyone who looked at it would be turned to stone.