Among the candidates participating in the first round of selection in mid-March, father and son Do Tan Loc (35 years old) touched the judges and those present at the Ho Chi Minh City Conservatory of Music.

Dressed in a simple white pullover and jeans, the middle-aged man impressed with his strong, thick and inspiring voice in the song Red Flowers.

Everyone thought he was taking the exam when he was sick.

Contestant Tan Loc held one hand tightly while singing.

Do Tan Loc is currently an oil painter, working at `Lucky House` – a center to support disabled people, orphans, street children and people in difficult circumstances in Ho Chi Minh City.

Loc’s father further shared that with a strong passion for singing, his son practiced singing whenever he had free time.

Brain-damaged painter still competes in 'Singing Forever Green'

An oil painting by Mr. Do Tan Loc.

Having participated in many movement activities in wards and neighborhoods, Tan Loc shares his inspiration for music that came from his father.

`Green Singing` is a competition for middle-aged and elderly audiences who are passionate about singing, organized by Ho Chi Minh City Television.

Van An