– During 9 years of living abroad, how was your life as a wife and mother?

– When we first got married, we lived in Thailand, then moved to the US because my husband took on the position of Vice President of foreign affairs for Latin America and South Asian countries of a consumer goods manufacturing group.

Now I live more for my children and family.

Former model Bang Lang with her husband and children on a trip to Vietnam in 2015.

– From an artist, how did becoming a housewife change your life?

– Life in a foreign country is really difficult for me from culture, weather to language.

– How do you feel when you don’t make money but live on your husband’s salary while you’re away from showbiz?

– I became independent and earned money at the age of 13.

Everyone wants to make money with their own hands, but when we decide to have a family and children, we have to think about the common good.

– On screen, you have a strong personality and as a mother and wife, what kind of person are you?

– In real life, I am also a very personable person, everything must be clear.

My family is not rich.

As for the role of a wife, I always make my husband feel comfortable.

– Recently, she often takes fashion photos.

– Actually, I really miss my job and want to go back to work when I can.

Bang Lang: 'I accept to sacrifice myself for my Western husband'

Bang Lang will return to artistic activities in the near future.

– How does your husband support you in this decision?

– My husband always supports anything that can make me happy without affecting my current life.

– At the age of 40, what job do you think you are suitable for?

– During the break, I still followed entertainment news and saw that the showbiz world is different now than before.

I don’t set a role for myself, I’m willing to take on any role that can further explore my acting ability.