`Come on… come on, there’s no way we’ll lose half of our squad like the press keeps saying, in the latest training session there were only nine injuries,` coach Rafael Benitez tried to be optimistic in his interview.

Real Madrid is just one of many clubs that have fallen victim to the `FIFA virus`.

Arsenal players are all healthy after the recent international break.

In that context, there is a beautiful sky at Arsenal.

When entering Watford’s away trip today, October 17, Arsenal saw their championship opportunity burning again after crushing their great rival Man Utd 3-0 in the previous round.

The fact that they defeated Man Utd by three goals in a match worthy of being called a tactical masterpiece is not surprising.

Arsenal: Like a love song

The achievements of Wenger’s students in the recent team shirt.

Even in this football season, that amplitude of happiness and sadness is even as regular as a sinusoidal graph.

Just like that, being an Arsenal fan means having to learn to live in such upheavals.


Arsenal: Like a love song

Wenger said he wanted to leave Arsenal a solid legacy to develop.

That’s what makes Wenger so admirable.

Mourinho is a person who puts his own interests above the collective.

And for those who love Wenger, they also understand that happiness is not a destination but a journey.