Arsenal is having sublime days.

Shortly after crushing Man Utd 3-0, Arsenal defeated Bayern Munich 2-0 in a match in which Pep Guardiola admitted he could not understand why the home team failed.

Starting from the 2-0 victory over Man City in January, Arsenal has shown an extremely cold face in big matches.

Of course, in that glorious journey, there were still… wasteful Arsenal-style failures like against Dinamo Zagreb or Olympiacos, but one thing that cannot be denied is the day-by-day growth of a team that is still feared.

The common point of the above exciting victories is that Arsenal always holds the ball less than their opponents.

So has Arsenal switched to defensive football?

There is a very different Arsenal

Wenger is enjoying the fruits of change.

After a long time pursuing the philosophy of ball control, Wenger suddenly realized that beauty is sometimes not a colorful picture with all sorts of confusing content, but sometimes just simple sketches.

That change is slow, but extremely effective.

Wenger also surprised opponents by his strange way of using strikers.

There are so many ways to explain this.

There is a very different Arsenal

Arsenal fans are certainly satisfied with what their home players are performing.

Last season, Arsenal defeated Everton despite having less possession of the ball.

As for the fans, are they sad or angry about that change?