The sign clearly stating `Old mixed tea 1976` speaks to the age of the tea shop located deep in the alley on Tran Hung Dao street.

A cup of mixed sweet soup with durian is priced at 70,000 VND.

The price of tea has increased rapidly over the years, three or four times more expensive than other shops, and the comparison that many customers like the most is `always as expensive as a bowl of delicious pho at the same time`.

No tea shop can satisfy all customers in terms of taste, but in terms of cleanliness and thoroughness in processing, the 1976 tea shop is always at the forefront, even though it is the third generation to take over.

In the cup of mixed sweet soup, there is also a piece of green, fragrant green rice flakes.

A cup of sweet soup is as expensive as a bowl of pho, attracting customers for 40 years

Stir-fried green rice is the most prominent ingredient in the shop’s sweet soup ingredients.

The restaurant’s menu includes many dishes: durian sweet soup, sticky rice sweet soup with coconut milk, Thai sweet soup with jaggery with pearls… Most people order mixed sweet soup to avoid having to choose, and you can add or reduce the ingredients as you like.

The tea cup is a large cup often used to drink beer. Although the tea is only scooped up to the back of the cup, it is enough to fill guests up all day, even though the cooked tea is not too sweet.

With `sky-high` prices, the restaurant is very picky about customers.

Although the restaurant space is normal, clean but not too spacious, the bill for a meal of tea is as expensive as eating a decent meal at a restaurant.

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Phieu Linh