Car prices in the first months of the year after the Lunar New Year have many fluctuations in a downward trend.


Everest 2021 at the dealership in Hanoi.

Promotions are being applied to many Kia car models such as Morning, Cerato or new generation Sorento launched at the end of 2020, also reduced by 10-40 million VND.

With Mazda, reductions of 30-80 million VND are still maintained for many car models such as Mazda3, Mazda6 or CX-5.

Some brands only discount 1-2 products such as Ford EcoSport by 60 million, Toyota Rush, Innova by about 40 million with cash and other incentives.

Some car manufacturers maintain support programs from many months ago such as Mitsubishi, Honda or Suzuki.

With VinFast, the total incentive programs are always high at 30-150 million VND, these incentive levels are maintained for many months for Lux A and SA.

Most car models on the market have no customers and are having to reduce prices to stimulate demand, a common situation in the first few months of the year.

Price increase

Car prices increased and decreased in early 2021

The Kia Seltos model increased in price during a period of gloomy car sales.

Contrary to the general market situation, some car models still have slightly increased prices due to lack of stock.

High-end car models such as BMW or Mercedes have had their promotions cut from 40-100 million at the beginning of the year, returning to their listed prices.

With a market that is not very volatile, companies can increase prices to gain immediate profits, but customers can look for an option with another company, or skip the car if the price increase exceeds their needs or