Watches are not only a time-telling tool but are also considered a fashion item.

Apple Watch has many advantages compared to current watches from Samsung, LG, Motorola… such as compact design, rich and flexible materials.

The Apple Watch has a square face and doesn’t look classy in photos.

However, many people still feel that Apple Watch has not really met expectations because they expected more from a product branded `Apple`.

The Watch’s interface, with its colorful round application icon, is more reminiscent of a child’s toy than a high-tech and luxurious product.

Apple Watch still does not satisfy users

One of the negative comments about Apple’s announcement ceremony.

The price of 349 USD, one and a half times higher than other smartwatches currently on the market, also makes users hesitant.

Apple also did not mention battery life and it seems that they extended the release time compared to tradition to continue finding and improving battery saving solutions for the Watch.

Apple Watch still does not satisfy users

Apple shares soared when the company introduced Apple Pay but dropped sharply when the Watch appeared.

This disappointment manifested itself right at the Apple event.

Technology site The Verge commented that Apple’s smartwatch is `both surprising and boring, has many interesting points but is not groundbreaking or outstanding`.

Apple Watch still does not satisfy users

Faced with criticism, some people believe that we should wait for the product to be sold before evaluating it, to avoid like before, the iPad was called unpromising but still led the market.

However, some technology experts say the Watch will still be a successful product and will make it difficult for competitors to compete.

Apple Watch still does not satisfy users

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