Walking streets are always an attractive destination, a place that clearly shows the economic, cultural and social life of each locality.

Each walking street has its own unique characteristics, but the common point is cleanliness, no waste, many modern, free, and no `slashing` toilets.

Nanjing Road and The Bund (Shanghai)

Nanjing Road is known as `China’s first road`, located in the center and is the busiest tourist destination in Shanghai, with hundreds of shops from luxury to popular.

Nanjing Pedestrian Street is deserted during the day but bustling in the evening.

The Bund is a walking route along the banks of the Huangpu River.

As soon as you exit the subway at the above stations, you will see signs pointing to The Bund and there will be continuous signs like that throughout the length of several hundred meters until you reach the station.

Sitting leisurely on the Shanghai wharf, you can admire the Oriental Pearl TV tower and a series of skyscrapers on the other side of the river, along with bustling boats and ships, showing the strong vitality of a great nation.

Nanjing Street and the Bund are located next to each other, you can play, sightsee, shop and eat all day long in this attractive area.

Shantang Street and Guanqian Street (Suzhou)

Shangtang Street (Seven-li Shantang – Son Duong street) is the place with the densest tourist density in Suzhou.

Famous walking streets in Shanghai - Hangzhou - Suzhou

There are many shops and restaurants on Shangtang walking street.

On Shangtang Street, there are hundreds of shops selling traditional dishes, trendy drinks and countless eye-catching souvenirs.

To get to Shangtang Street, take subway line 2 to Shantang Street Station or bus lines 7, 34, 44, 64, 85, 161, 304, 315, 406, 415, 522, 921, 970 then go

Unlike Shantang Street, Guanqian Street (Guan Qian Street) a few kilometers away has a more modern feel.

To get to Guanqian Street, take subway line 1 or bus numbers 1, 101, 102, 103, 33, 38, 313, 146 and get off at Leqiao Station.

Hefang Street and Wulin Night Market (Hangzhou)

Hefang Street (Hefang old town) has existed for nearly 900 years, built during the Southern Song Dynasty, and is now the most famous and best preserved old street in Hangzhou.

Hefang Walking Street is a complex of hundreds of large and small shops, many of which have been operating for more than a century, giving you the opportunity to explore traditional medicine, Chinese tea ceremony, and shop for handicraft products.

To get to Hefang Street, take train line 1 to Ding’an Road stop, or bus numbers 8, 60, 127, 195, 208, 216 to Qinghefang stop and then walk according to the directions from the stop.

Famous walking streets in Shanghai - Hangzhou - Suzhou

Wulin Night Market in Hangzhou.

Not as grand as Hefang Street, but Wulin Night Market is a great shopping destination if you like cheap fashion and souvenirs.

Wulin Night Market is designed in a youthful style.

To get to Wulin Night Market, take subway line 2 to Fengqi Road Station.