Night trips can start from 8pm and wherever you are in Hanoi, you should find your way to Uncle Ho’s Mausoleum.

Leisurely cycling through the streets of Van Mieu, Dien Bien Phu, Hoang Dieu, before arriving at Uncle Ho’s Mausoleum, you will see the Hanoi Flagpole – a place to witness history in the capital.

Turning onto Hoang Dieu Street, on the right is the magnificent Thang Long Imperial Citadel and right on the left is house number 30 – the residence of General Vo Nguyen Giap, a leader always in the hearts of the people.

Grilled Nem chua – a street food that always captivates travelers.

Leaving Hoang Dieu Street, Uncle Ho’s Mausoleum is not far away and is glowing with high pressure lights.

People present at that time often remained silent and looked solemnly according to protocol.

Continuing the night journey, the next stop is the Cathedral – when the roads are no longer bustling, the lemon tea and grilled spring roll shops are also empty.

The Cathedral at this time is like an ancient castle in the middle of a modern city.

Hanoi is different at night

The Opera House at night becomes sparkling and magical in the lights.

Late at night, the decorative lights on the side of the road gradually turn off, but it would still be a pity if you don’t cycle around Hoan Kiem Lake to see the lakeside shimmering in its own way while the streets of Hang Ngang and Hang Dao are sleeping.

At 1-2am, sitting on the steps of the Opera House, you can buy a package of Banh Khuc or a handful of peanut sticky rice from a street vendor and listen to the night calls.

This is also the time when it is easy to buy vegetables and fruits at very cheap prices if you stop by the market.

Hanoi is different at night

Quang Ba night flower market usually opens from 1am with countless types of flowers at affordable prices.

Among the sleepy streets in Hanoi, Au Co and Thanh Nien are the streets that attract many people because they lead to the Quang Ba night flower market.

At this time, flower carts from all over were arriving. Along the way, carriers were lining up to prepare to take them to the stalls in the market.

The market also sells seasonal flowers such as summer lotus flowers, early winter daisies or April white calla lilies.

Leaving the market at dawn, nothing is as precious as the moment of watching the sunrise, when the whole city gradually wakes up in the early morning and one of the most ideal locations in West Lake.