Established in 2007, Wonder Girls is the result of a reality TV show on MTV channel managed by singer-songwriter Park Jin-Young and JYP Entertainment.

Initially, the group had 5 members: Sun Ye, Ye Eun, So Hee, Sun Mi and Hyun A. Hyun A and Sun Mi later parted ways with the group due to health reasons and study plans.

Wonder Girls quickly became one of the most popular music groups in Korea with the hip hop genre and retro music style as the main theme – inspired by the 1960s girl groups of the European music industry.

Wonder Girls music group.

Wonder Girls officially debuted in February 2007, on the program `Show! Music Core`, with a performance of `Irony` – a hip-hop song in their debut album called `The Wonder Begins` (see clip

During Wonder Girls’ career, there were three hit songs whose appearance made the group famous, and expanded the girls’ influence throughout Korea, Asia and the world.

In the fall of 2007, the group released the song `Tell Me` and immediately became the number 1 hit on prestigious charts in Korea.

Wonder Girls, magical miracles from 5 young girls

Wonder Girls image in `Nobody`.

In May 2008, the single `So Hot` was released and immediately topped online charts.

`Nobody` fever spread to the world

Like `Tell Me`, `Nobody` also caused a dance craze – this time even more intense.

From `Tell Me` to `So Hot` (see clip) and `Nobody`, it’s easy to recognize the retro style throughout with a bit of nostalgia, mixed with the fresh, youthful, cute atmosphere emanating from the songs.

Even among young people, there is a trend of dressing in the retro style of the Wonder Girls, with bob hair, the two cheek pieces being cut diagonally or curled to hug the face, and wearing stereoscopic and colorful costumes.

Wonder Girls, magical miracles from 5 young girls

Many young people imitate the Wonder Girls’ dressing and makeup styles.

Domestic and regional success from 2009 to 2010 was the time when the group promoted activities towards the international market and had a change in music genre.

From only signing a contract for 13 shows, they finally had the opportunity to participate in a total of 45 shows within 60 days.

While some of their predecessors’ attempts to cross the Pacific failed, the Wonder Girls had the right strategy to win in America: marketing their music to teens and tweens.

Wonder Girls, magical miracles from 5 young girls

Korean music queens

In the summer of 2010, Wonder Girls decided to return to Korea to regain their old position with the video `2 Different Tears`.

The full album of `Wonder World` was released on November 7.

The new music products are a combination of electronic music and strong hip hop melodies – an innovation of the Wonder Girls.

In addition to the US market, Wonder Girls also seek to penetrate the Chinese and Japanese markets.

The US newspaper US Weekly once included the name Wonder Girls in the list of `The best girl groups of all time`, alongside many other famous names such as Spice Girls, Destiny’s Child, Pussycat Dolls, The Saturdays, etc.

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