`Some tactical adjustments are not overthinking,` the Guardian commented.

Stones passed the ball past Inter captain Marcelo Brozovic in the Champions League final at Ataturk Stadium, Istanbul, Türkiye on June 10.

As of mid-February, Man City – by their own standards – had an unimpressive season.

To free Haaland from the pressure of having to touch the ball a lot and maintain constant pressure around the opponent’s penalty area, Guardiola had to add a midfielder.

But this change creates defensive problems against fast wingers and requires a lot of adjustments.

However, in the Champions League championship match at Ataturk Stadium, Istanbul, Türkiye on June 10, Inter played with a pair of strikers.

There was a heart-stopping moment for Man City fans in the 12th minute, when Nicolo Barella broke through, but Federico Dimarco couldn’t get up fast enough to exploit the space on Man City’s right wing.

John Stones and his innovation helped Man City win three

A typical situation for Stones’ play in the Champions League final.

John Stones and his innovation helped Man City win three

… then rose halfway up the field, turning into the middle to coordinate with teammates like a central midfielder.

According to this way of playing, Stones is the Man City player who plays the most freely.

Stones shines in his new role as a `libero` – a player who plays freely in defense – true to his nickname `Beckenbauer of Barnsley`.

According to the Guardian, Stones brought certainty and a sense of authority to Man City, especially after Kevin De Bruyne left the field due to injury.

The final on the evening of June 10 was a match where everything went smoothly for Man City.

Stones was one of Man City’s first recruits during the Guardiola era, but was repeatedly questioned about his future at Etihad Stadium.

In the 2019-2020 and 2021-2022 seasons, the 1994-born midfielder only started 12 matches in the Premier League, and was a supporting player at the beginning of the season.

At the age of 29, Stones seems to have found the most satisfactory position at Man City, as a versatile defender who can play on the right wing and as a deep-lying playmaker, while also being very good in the air.

John Stones and his innovation helped Man City win three

Stones held the Champions League cup at the front of an open-top bus carrying Man City players parading on the streets of Manchester, England to celebrate three major titles on June 12.

`Some tactical adjustments do not come from thinking too much, but sometimes they are necessary changes. Like Stones at Man City this season, Guardiola has finally reaped the rewards,` commented Guardian.